Lyle Steinman Wins with Country Vet

Lyle Steinman of Castile Creek Kennels has won his fifth Super Retriever Crown Championship and his feed of choice:  Country Vet Natuals Active Athlete Formula by Country Vet along with Sportsman's Select.  Lyle went to the SRS Crown Championship leading the pack with five of the twenty-six dogs that qualified for the Crown.  In addition to his win a little history was made.  Lyle won the Crown with "Jack" the first dog to ever win three Crown Championships! 

How does Lyle do it?  Hard work, fantastic dogs and a great partner in Country Vet Pet Foods.  We take our formulation and production just as seriously as Lyle trains and we're proud to be associated with such a professional.

From all of us at Country Vet Pet Foods:  Congratulations Lyle!  It's great having you in our corner and it's been a wonderful multi-year relationship.  Lyle Steinman, a true champion.

For more information on Lyle, his family and his dogs here's a quick link to Castile Creek Kennels.  And, here's a link to the finals page for the Crown Championship of the Super Retriever Series.

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