Lyle Steinman Wins with Country Vet

Lyle Steinman of Castile Creek Kennels has won his fifth Super Retriever Crown Championship and his feed of choice:  Country Vet Natuals Active Athlete Formula by Country Vet along with Sportsman's Select.  Lyle went to the SRS Crown Championship leading the pack with five of the twenty-six dogs that qualified for the Crown.  In addition to his win a little history was made.  Lyle won the Crown with "Jack" the first dog to ever win three Crown Championships! Lyle Steinman and his Super Retriever Crown Championship winning Black Labs

How does Lyle do it?  Hard work, fantastic dogs and a great partner in Country Vet Pet Foods.  We take our formulation and production just as seriously as Lyle trains and we're proud to be associated with such a professional.

From all of us at Country Vet Pet Foods:  Congratulations Lyle!  It's great having you in our corner and it's been a wonderful multi-year relationship.  Lyle Steinman, a true champion.

For more information on Lyle, his family and his dogs here's a quick link to Castile Creek Kennels.  And, here's a link to the finals page for the Crown Championship of the Super Retriever Series.

For more about Country Vet Naturals simply click here.

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